Discourse Standard Support



Hourly Discourse Support

Let me give you the Discourse support you need to get your site the way that you want it. Meta is a great place to find answers to specific questions, but if you need patient help getting started or a quick solution to a pressing problem, I can provide Discourse support when you need it.

Please contact me before placing an order so that we can agree on what it is you need me to do and how long it might take me.

Sample Services

  • VC consultations to help you navigate Discourse’s settings.
  • Tutorials on how to use categories and tags to manage your community.
  • Custom installation solutions (plugins, multiple containers, your own server).
  • Emergency debugging and repair of a broken site.
  • Import data from custom sites.
  • Help connecting Discourse and WordPress.
  • Help configuring  authentication via Google, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • API scripting to automate Discourse tasks.


Before purchasing, please check with me to make sure that I am available when you need me and that we agree on the scope of your project.